BlasTech DC-17M Interchangeable Combat System (ICS)

The DC-17M Interchangeable Combat System is the chosen weapon of the Republic Commandos, an elite type of clonetrooper designed to act in four-man squads. The DC-17M features a modular design that allows it to take on one of three roles; standard assault, tactical sniper, or anti-armor weaponry. Due to the small number of squad members, the Republic Commandos rely on the DC-17 to expand the functionality of each member of the team, allowing them to complete objectives with any combination of assault, sharpshooting, or anti-vehicle or anti-starship assignments.

Though the DC-17M is not quite as effective in its sniper or anti-armor roles as weapons dedicated to those roles, the weapon holds its on in such situations. The key component of the DC-17M is the highly-modular stock mount, which features special mounting points designed to accommodate different types of ammo, barrel extensions, and other modifications. Though the DC-17M is standard issue for the Republic Commandos, a few of these weapons made it onto the black market and are currently a hot item as outlaw techs continue to create new weapon modules beyond the three used by the Republic. (

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