Epic Level Rules

Epic Level Rules

Some characters never seem to stop advancing. Even a twentieth level character fails to capture the sheer power of Grand Master Skywalker at the height of his achievements. These rules are designed to allow such advancement above and beyond that allowed in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook.

Epic Level Advancement

Upon reaching 190,000 xp and attaining 20th level, excess Experience Points may be “spent” in order to acquire new abilities according to the chart below. A character may never spend Experience Points if that would drop them below the “Epic Threshold” of 190,000 xp.


Replenish Force Points
10,000 XP Cost
Destiny Point
10,000 XP Cost
30,000 XP Cost
40,000 XP Cost
Ability Increase
60,000 XP Cost

An Epic level character may choose any Feat or Talent for which they qualify. To choose a talent associated with a Prestige Class, an Epic Level character must also meet the Prestige Class prerequisites.

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