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"Agreed. If we must infiltrate the security level, we shall. I just wish we had more ion weaponry." Szohn pulls his ion blaster from its holster and hands it to Rei-Vax, "You should be in charge of this, I think."

The droid continues: "Master Ilo, perhaps an alternative is infiltrating the security level and perhaps find a way to deactivate or provide our party with the proper code clearances to continue onward into the facility. Given that we know that the security and administration section is on the next floor, we should be able to procure a means of gaining further access."

HK chimes in, "Master Ilo, you might be onto something with that idea. If we are able to somehow ascertain the clearance code or the security algorithm used by the security network, we can alter our electronic devices to generate the correct counter-response to mask our presence from the security network." pausing to take a look at the code that has been dredged up by Lai Nootka and Ivan, HK pauses and continues: "Master, the security code appears to be an biometric algorithm that is constantly rotating randomly. From its encryption, we will be hard pressed to design an exact matching code. But we can make a manageable code that matches the random frequency most of the time."

After listening quietly to the groups' discoveries in the complex's database, Szohn suggests, "Perhaps shutting them down isn't what we want. If we could fool them into thinking we have the proper clearance, we might be able to proceed unmolested. See if you can locate the proper clearance code. I'm assuming its keyed to implanted chips, but if we can find the correct code and somehow key some of our devices; my datapad and your wrist-pad for instance, to read at the same clearance…"

Re: Security Access by morganpetemorganpete, 08 Jun 2009 19:30

Browsing the wireless net access of the facility, Ivan locates the security override protocol for unlocking the secured stone door leading further into the second floor of the complex while searching a means of shutting down the base defenses. At the moment, it appears that the security level for the facility remains active.

Security Access by Karsustk421Karsustk421, 07 Jun 2009 02:28

After downloading the floor plan and personnel roster to his wrist comm for future use, Ivan will attempt to gauge the probability of gaining security level access to the network in order to shut down the bases defenses.

In checking out the facility's security network, Lai Nootka is able to call up a general floor plan of the security & administration building as well as a general roster of the current residents on the floor. Currently, the team is unable to access the security protocols of the facility. (Name of the resident will be forth coming in theGM's next post). =)

"Are you guys able to shut down any 'surprises' such as our recently deceased droid friends?"

Re: Checking out the facility by jjkovojjkovo, 26 May 2009 13:18

"Looks like Administration and Security. I'm trying to see if there's any information on base personnel right now…" Lai replies as he looks up that information, wanting to know details abotu who waits below.

Re: Checking out the facility by KillyddKillydd, 26 May 2009 10:40

Heading back over to Lai and Ivan Kadin explains….

"Nothing fancy on the door over their, simple lock/unlock mechanism. Were you able to gain access into the system and draw up some floor plans? I'd like to know what is says about whats at the bottom of these stairs (remembering the force presence he detected before the fight). Would also help to know whats behind the big east doors as well I suppose."

He waits for their reply, knowing the excitement they are feeling over cracking into the system.

Re: Checking out the facility by jjkovojjkovo, 26 May 2009 03:21

Calmly walking eastward toward the unexplored double doors, Kadin examines the massive doors to find the familiar solid stone construction with Sith glyphs etched on the surface and a similar locking/unlocking mechanism as the one found from the western doors. However, the exterior western door (which had the lock with Sith glyphs), the door simply appears to have a 'lock' and 'unlock' position. GM: What does Kadin do?

Having gained user access into the facility's wireless interface, Lai and Ivan find from their accessible sources, that the facility has a total four underground floors (with the team being on the first sub-floor of the facility). The second floor is the base security, administration offices and guest reception areas, with the third floor being the general quarters and sparring/training facilities; the fourth and final floor is the research laboratories.

Checking out the facility by Karsustk421Karsustk421, 25 May 2009 14:14

Lai taps a few commands in quickly, seeing if he can pull up any basic information the the facility like a floorplan, purpose summary, status report, etc.

Re: Wireless Internet! by KillyddKillydd, 25 May 2009 00:14

After his is finished getting healed, Kadin will take a look at the unexplored doors on the east end of the chamber.

Re: Wireless Internet! by jjkovojjkovo, 24 May 2009 13:54

GM: What does the team do during this time, as well as what do they do now that they have access to the user network?

Re: Wireless Internet! by Karsustk421Karsustk421, 24 May 2009 06:29

The team takes their time to examine the programming code as well as the seeming sentient firewall system embedded within the network signal they found. After slaving away for almost an hour or two, they finally make some head way, gaining user level access to the facility's user network.

Wireless Internet! by Karsustk421Karsustk421, 22 May 2009 14:37

Frowning, Lai decides that his best course of action is probably to try to get it to accept him as an authorized user, improving the computer's attitude towards this console. "Here's hopeing we can get some useful info out of this thing before it decides to kill us…"

Re: Sorting out the Wreckage by KillyddKillydd, 21 May 2009 07:22

Also interested in examining the language system, Lai Nootka and HK both wander over to provide some additional assistance to Ivan. Examining the programming architecture, the trio realize that the programming architecture used by the ancient facility is the basis for much of the programming architecture in the modern era. Embedded within the wireless protocol is a recurring algorithm that seems to be adapting to the group's probing of the security.

"Hm. Lai, you'd better take a look at this."

Ivan attempts to further examine the network, evaluating for security and function. He's hoping to get an assist from Lai as well.

Re: Sorting out the Wreckage by Rich GrayRich Gray, 20 May 2009 04:15

Tapping several virtual keys on the holographic projection from his wrist computer, Ivan quickly finds an extremely strong wireless signal. From his quick examination of the wireless protocol and security measures, Ivan is impressed by the intricacy of the wireless security and slightly frustrated at how archaic the programming language appears to be. However with a little tweaking, he should have his computer interfacing with the network in no time.

GM: What does Ivan do? Does he adapt the coding on his comp to interface with the network directly, or does he adapt the coding and examining the network a bit more, etc.?

Ivan frowns, then looks down and begins tapping at his wrist comm.

Ivan attempts a Use Computer check to try and find any wireless networks in the area.

Re: Sorting out the Wreckage by Rich GrayRich Gray, 20 May 2009 03:53
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