Dark Side Force Powers

Force Lightning [Dark Side]

Prerequisites: Power of the Dark Side talent

Dark transfer [Dark Side]

You use the dark side of the Force to heal another living creature.
Time: Standard action
Target: One creature touched
Use the Force Check (UtF):
The result of the check determines the effect, if any:

DC 15: The target heals hit points equal to 2 x your character level.
DC 20: The target heals hit points equal to 3 x your character level.
DC 25: The target heals hit points equal to 4 x your character level.

Each time you use dark transfer, you move –1 persistent step down the condition track. You must rest for 8 hours to remove this condition.

Special: You may spend a Force Point to avoid moving down the condition track when you use this Force power. You may spend a Destiny Point to revive a creature that has just died. You must use this Force power within 1 round of the creature's death to revive it, and you must succeed on a DC 25 Use the Force check. If successful, the creature is unconscious instead of dead and does not heal any hit points from the use of dark transfer.

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