Heirloom Items

Over the course of galactic history, certain items, including weapons and armor, have been made famous by the person they belong to. The personal blaster rifle of a hero of the Mandalorian Wars or a lightsaber wielded by a dreaded Sith Lord is more than just another piece of equipment; it is a piece of history. It has become legendary because it is strongly associated with the power and destiny of its owner and is closely tied to that person's successes; for example, Ulic Qel-Droma's lightsaber and Exar Kun's battle armor were both integral in helping those characters fulfill their destiny. Heirloom items are exceedingly rare, and each is unique. Thus, they are highly sought-after by collectors and heroes alike.

The original owners of heirloom items take exceptional care of those items and might have specific talent or skill in maintaining and upgrading them. An heirloom item carries a benefit that persists until the item's destruction. Such a benefit makes the item special and is the result of the original owner's tinkering or a side effect of being present when a character's destiny is fulfilled. See the section below for several sample heirloom item properties.

Creating Heirloom Items

In order for an heirloom item to come into being, the item must be present when a character fulfills his or her destiny (as per the Destiny mechanic on page 112 of the Saga Edition Core Rulebook). When a character fulfills his or her destiny, instead of gaining the "Destiny Fulfilled" effect of that destiny, he or she can instead choose to create an heirloom item. That character then chooses one of the following effects, which is applied to a particular weapon, suit of armor, or item in the character's possession at the moment the destiny is fulfilled. Typically this item is one of particular significance to the character.

Additionally, when a character with an unfulfilled destiny dies while in pursuit of his or her destiny, instead of the normal effect (Force Spirit, Noble Sacrifice, or Vengeance) that character can choose to create an heirloom item instead.

The possible heirloom item effects are discussed below.

Extra Modifications

When an item becomes an heirloom item, you can choose to convert one of the item's equipment bonuses into a destiny bonus instead. Additionally, if the equipment bonus converted to a destiny bonus is from a modification made with the Tech Specialist feat (see page 21 of Starships of the Galaxy), the bonus is no longer considered to be the result of a modification — it has just become an inherent bonus of the item — and another modification can be made to the item with the Tech Specialist feat. Thus, the old bonus no longer counts toward the one-per-item limit inherent in the feat.

Legendary Icon

When an item becomes an heirloom item, its fame spreads throughout the galaxy. When carrying the heirloom item in plain sight (not concealed), you gain favorable circumstances on all Charisma-based skill checks (except Use the Force) provided that you are dealing with another character or droid at the time.

Steeped in the Dark Side

When an item possessed by an agent of evil becomes an heirloom item, some of that evil becomes a part of the item itself. When carrying or using the heirloom item, once per encounter you can gain a destiny bonus equal to one-half your Dark Side Score to any one attack roll or skill check. Doing so increases your Dark Side Score by 1.

Symbol of the Light

When an item possessed by a scion of good becomes an heirloom item, it becomes a beacon of light that staves off the darkness. When carrying or using the heirloom item, once per encounter, as a reaction, you can impose a destiny penalty to any one attack roll or skill check made by a character with a Dark Side Score of 1 or higher. This destiny penalty is equal to the target's Dark Side Score.
Sample Heirloom Items

Below are three sample heirloom items, with statistics based on the rules provided above

Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber: Legendary icon short lightsaber with a rubat crystal (Small lightsaber, 2d8 damage, legendary icon).

Ludo Kressh's War Sword: Sith alchemical war sword, steeped in the dark side (Medium simple weapon, 1d8 damage, can spend a Force Point to gain bonus to damage equal to Dark Side Score, steeped in the dark side).

Onasi Blaster: Blaster pistol with improved accuracy and improved damage destiny bonus (Small blaster pistol, 3d6+2 damage, +1 equipment bonus to attack rolls).


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