Leadership Talent Tree

Influential Friends

You have influential contacts within a certain organization, planet or region who can provide concrete information to you on certain subjects. Once per day, you can have one of those contacts make a skill check on your behalf. The contact always takes 20 on the skill check (even if the skill would normally not allow taking 20) and has a skill check modifier of 5+1/2 your character level. Contacting your influential allies and receiving the benefit of the skill check takes a number of minutes equal to 10 x the skill check result.

Powerful Friends

You have a powerful contact who has an extended sphere of influence. The contact can be an Imperial Senator, infamous crime lord, or another person of similar significance. Once per encounter (as determined by the DM), you can invoke the name of your contact or office of your powerful friend and take 20 on one persuasion check with no increase in the time needed to make the check.

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