Sei Lest, Wandering Force User

Sei Lest is a force sensitive human noble from Haruun Kal. During her younger years she was fascinated with history and research. Sei Lest suffered great tragedy with the outbreak of the Clone Wars, losing her family to the war that had spread like wild fire across the galaxy and the subsequent genocidal warfare sparked by the Clone Wars on her home planet. With nothing left to tie her to her former home, Sei Lest set off to achieve a childhood dream of hers.

A renowned Jedi Master, Mace Windu, had came to her planet during the Clone Wars, Sei Lest saw the power that the Force gave to him. She became obsessed with finding any knowledge or artifacts that could increase her knowledge of the Force, and spent a great deal of her inheritance and monies journeying throughout the galaxy, in hopes, to try to understand the Force. Sei Lest is extremely interested in purchasing books and holocrons about the history of the Force, the Jedi and/or the Sith.

Her obsessions with the Force led her to enlist the aide of several shadier individuals (at least when compared to her previous high social circle) who journeyed with her to find any relics or lost caches of information on this ancient religion. Stumbling upon clues to a potential mystical artifact tied to the Force… Sei Lest journeys with her archeological team to the icy snow capped Mohandai mountain ranges of Chandrila and there… her destiny begins to unfold.

Level 3 Noble
Initiative: +7
Senses: Perception +8;
HP 34; Threshold 15
Reflex 15; Fortitude 15; Will 17
Second Wind: recovers 15hp
Speed: 6

Abilities: STR 12(+1); DEX 13(+1); CON 15(+2); INT 16(+3); WIS 14(+2); CHA 17(+3)

Basic Attacks: melee +3, ranged +3

  • Blaster Pistol +3 ranged (3d6+1)

Special Actions: Illusion

Force Powers Known: Farseeing, Force Lightning, Force Slam, Mind Trick, Move Object, Surge

Talents: Power of the Dark Side, Illusion

Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Huttese, Bothese, Neimodian, Dosh, Cerean, Kel Dor

Skills: Deception +9, Gather Information +9, Initiative +7, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +9, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +9, Perception +8, Persuasion +9, Treat Injury +8, Use Computer +9, Use the Force +14

Feats: Linguist*, Weapon Proficiency (Simple)*, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)*, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Skill Focus [Use the Force]

  • Indicates Starting Class Feats

Racial Abilities: Bonus Feat, Bonus Trained Skill

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Long-range Comlink, med pac (1), power pack (4), All-temperature Cloak, Utility Belt,fragmentation grenades (4)

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