Big Trouble on Felucia

Start of the Mission

Accepting Senator Bail Organa's mission to rescue Admiral Thaddeus Varth from a newly established Imperial prison facility, the crew depart for the densely vegetated planet of Felucia on a modified fast attack transport, The Banshee. Traveling under their cover identities as wealthy big-game hunters seeking out exotic prey such as the Acklay or native Rancor, the crew infiltrated the city of Har Gau and acquired the necessary transportation to take them out to the area surrounding the Imperial facility.

The heroes' goals were simple: 1) infiltrate the dense alien forest of Felucia, 2) minimize contact with Imperial troops to remain undetected and 3) rescue the incarcerated Imperial Admiral being held at the secret prison facility. One of the major difficulties of operating within the planet was the erratic quality in long range communications as a result of the energy frequencies generated from the unstable fungoid growths across the planet. A vast network of short-range communication centers, and satellites dot the Felucian surface to ensure a stable communications throughout Imperial holdings.

Electing to stay aboard the Banshee, resident cyber-doc Szhon Ilo dispatch two of his newly acquired B-1 Combat Droids as escorts for his colleagues in their foray into the jungle. Relaxing himself on the comfy, arch-supported command chair of the Banshee he enjoyed several warm Dorian Biscotti while watching his fellow teammates through the encrypted feed from his two droids.


The heroes were faced with several choices in their trek towards the prison. A major communications array/hub near the base (shown on the limited aerial photos provided by Senator Organa) would enable the facility to call for immediate Imperial reinforcements across the planet and from orbit. Its elimination would greatly hamper if not incapacitate the facility's ability to call for help if an alarm was ever sounded. Faced with the choice of either proceeding directly to their objective or stopping to hamper Imperial communications, the crew agreed to the destruction of the hub as their immediate objective. Their journey towards towards the communications hub would take several hours by speeder through the treacherous Felucian jungle.

Racing through the thick forests and skyscraper-esque iridescent mushrooms, the stalwart heroes successfully penetrate the heavily patrolled territory (in their rented luxury speeder cars), deftly avoiding Imperial walker patrols and biker scouts. Lai Nootka's piloting enable the heroes to dodge several close calls that would have otherwise claimed the lives of less able pilots. Landing several hours of their objective and fast talking their way out of a potentially dangerous chance encounter with an Imperial patrol where they were caught with their pants down (literally), the quick thinking and wise talking of Lai Nootka and Rei Vax defused a potentially lethal situation. The Imperial troopers, buying the crews' cover story as big game hunters asked the party to leave immediately or that they would be subject to arrest or execution. Realizing that the potential problem of having a flying object appear on Imperial sensors as well as the fact that the speeder needed to be returned to the city before nightfall (before a late charge was assessed), Szhon orders on of his B-1 droids to pilot the vehicle back to the city while the rest of the party proceeded towards their objective on foot.

Several hours into their journey, the crew were nearly ambushed by a pair of Imperial Bike Scouts, only the lightning quick reflexes of Rei Vax, Ivan Wren and Lai Nootka enabled the crew to quickly take down the troops before an alarm could be raised. Slightly singed from the encounter, the heroes managed to race through several more miles of forest after acquiring the deceased scouts' armor, equipment and BARC speeder bikes. Stumbling upon a sprawling Felucian village, well hidden by the natural foilage and iridescent colors of the forest, the heroes sought out the local natives for resupply and some much needed rest.
Hoping to befriend the local Felucian tribe operating within the area (and secure supplies and a resting area) the heroes agree to the Felucian chieftain's request that they destroy an Imperial firebase that has been sending troops to harass and slaughter the local inhabitants. Razavi Dolak, a grizzled Zabrak Separatist veteran of the Clone Wars living with the Felucian villagers joined the party as a local guide and extra gun hand to wipe out the threat.

Near Death Encounter


The heroes' journey was almost cut short when they encountered an unexpected and dangerous enemy. The fearsome Acklay, an apex predator that usually made short work of poorly armed sport-hunters and small Imperial patrols, caught the entire crew totally unawares. Razavi Dolak, being caught completely unawares was nearly sliced in half by the creature's fearsome pincer swipe. Nearly disemboweled by the attack, the CIS veteran was knocked to the ground going in and out of consciousness. Rallying themselves from the sudden onslaught, Lai Nootka began pouring heavy laser fire from the speeder bike into the thick carapace of the creature while Rei Vax poured bolts from his blaster rifle. Szhon's newly purchased B-1 Battle Droid also responded in kind, firing on the creature with its blaster carbine. The initial hail of blaster fire only seemed to agitate and further the creature's hunger induced rage. Dodging several strikes from the creature's pincers, Rei Vax quickly moved out of Acklay's reach, and laid several more blaster bolts into the creature, but to no avail. While injured from the attacks, it was not being driven off by the show of force by the party. Forcing himself up, through the sheer pain of his injuries, Razavi gathered himself and made a bee-line towards the closest gigantic mushroom.

Destruction of Imperial Firebase Theta Two-One

Seizing the initiative after dispatching with the two squads of Imperial speeder bike recon troopers, Rei Vax and Razavi decide to infiltrate Firebase Theta Two-One as two of the now deceased recon troopers while Ivan, Lai Nootka and Szhon Ilo provided cover fire from a distance with blaster cannons from their 'repossessed' Imperial speeder bikes.


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