Prison Break at Felucia


The crew was able to successfully infiltrate the secret Imperial prison through its sewage drainage system. With the aid of the newly discovered assassin droid designated 'HK-12', the team launches a surprise assault on main floor of the Imperial compound, catching the bulk of the Imperial personnel unawares. The crew infiltrates the base through an access shaft leading into a utility closet on the third floor of base, and initiates their assault by neutralizing the base personnel manning the communications center removing any means for the base to signal for additional reinforcements as well as temporarily removing the threat of bombardment by the Victory Class Star Destroyer Challenger.

A particular suprise in the firefight that almost killed the team during the protracted firefight was an encounter with a seemingly unstoppable stormtrooper brandishing the deadly E-Web repeating cannon. Ripping the E-Web off its heavy tripod base, the stormtrooper proceeded to lay down a heavy barrage of laser fire that pinned down the heroes and nearly incinerated the Rei Vax, who had attempted to circle around this opponent. Pinned down and unable to retreat, Rei Vax's concentrated attack which included his grenade launcher and several well placed shots from his battle rifle seemed to do little to slow the trooper's advance towards him. To Rei Vax's dismay, the stormtrooper managed to get close enough to engage him in several rounds of hand-to-hand combat, cutting the commando deeply at several spots with a vibro-combat knife. In the end, HK-12's surprise intervention managed to distract the trooper long enough for Rei Vax to take him down a well-placed double tap with his heavy blaster pistol.

During the intense firefight the began after the crew's assault on the communications center, two prisoners being held captive in the facility managed to utilize the distraction from the battle to escape their shackles and make a daring escape attempt. Awakened from their drug induced stupor by large explosion, Kadin and Sei Lest find themselves in a large spartan metallic room, each suspended in mid-air in an Imperial energy cage (akin to the one imprisoning Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones) and guarded by four stormtroopers.

Finding himself physically restrained and devoid of his armor and weapons, Kadin resorts to his deadliest weapon… his sharp wit. Mouthing off to an Imperial trooper guarding the way out, he is rewarded with a smash to the face with the butt of the trooper's rifle. Using that pain to help him fight through the stupor, Kadin focuses his attention on the large round energy emitter above powering the energy shackles keeping him suspended in mid-air. After several seconds of concentration, energy emitter is somehow ripped off the ceiling with a tremendous force and tossed at the surprised stormtrooper smearing him into bloody paste along side the walls of the prison room. Mimicking her fellow prison-mate, Sei Lest also exerts her will on the energy emitter powering her shackles and tosses it into another surprised stormtrooper. Free from their bonds, the pair proceed to eviscerate the remaining two troopers guarding their room, smashing them to a pulp with the energy emitters they had ripped out just moments ago.

Making short work of the Imperial officer and his cronies in the command post adjacent to their former prison, the two heroes arm themselves with the weapons of the deceased troopers and officer before proceeding through command post's heavy blast doors. Running into the heroes, the two prisoners form a temporary alliance with the crew before dealing with the rest of the Imperial contingent guarding the main floor. In all, over a dozen Imperial stormtroopers on the main level mobilized to engage the crew in a fierce and protracted fire fight, but were ultimately slain to the last man.

After a brief introduction and recovering their equipment from an Imperial storage container, the Kadin and Sei Lest decided to aide the crew in their rescue of Admiral Varth.

Meeting up with the Resurgence

The communications console of the Banshee flare to life indicating the ship's receipt of an encrypted data packet just as the heroes jump into hyperspace in the stole Theta-Class Imperial Shuttle and the Banshee with TIE fighters screaming towards them on an intercept course. The encrypted communication included a new set of instructions with alternate rendezvous coordinates for their VIP, directing them towards an area of empty space in the Outer Rim territories, far far away from the Core planet of Alderaan. Notifying Ivan and Sei Lest, who were piloting the stolen Imperial shuttle, of their change in travel plans, the group arranged for a short drop out of hyperspace so that they can reroute their heading towards the coordinate in the Outer Rim without any potential Imperial pursuers.

As the crew began making preparations to drop out of hyperspace at a relatively isolated asteroid/debris field, Ivan noticed slight fluctuations in the energy signature of the Imperial shuttle. The ship appeared to be generating an intermittent short frequency hyper-wave signal, as though broadcasting their location to an unseen tracker. The heroes were unsuccessful in locating any transmitting tracking devices on board after nearly tearing the interior of the ship apart in search of bugs. Coming to the conclusion that the tracking device might be physically located on the exterior of the ship, Ivan and Kadin bravely volunteered to engage in EVA to scour the exterior of the ship once they were out of hyperspace. The two heroes spent nearly an hours time coming each side of the vessel for bugs before locating the hidden device just underneath the cockpit of the ship.

In his haste to be rid of the device, Kadin almost set off the safety mechanism in the beacon, which would have triggered a massive reactor overload that would have destroyed the shuttle and crippled the Banshee. After several harrowing minutes as Ivan worked to disconnect the beacon from the shuttle, the crew breathed a sigh of relief as Ivan's last cut did not set off any unforeseen fireworks.

Hoping to throw their Imperial pursuers off their trail, Kadin advised Ivan to reactivate the beacon once it was far enough away and drifting aimlessly in the local asteroid belt. Kadin's plan paid off in spades when two Imperial Tartan-Class Patrol Cruisers dropped out of hyperspace within minutes of the beacon's reactivation. The two cruisers were severely damaged from their exit vectors from hyperspace, having smashed into asteroid/debris field. The lead Tartan cruiser suffered severe weapons and engine malfunction from its collision, while the second Tartan cruiser suffered a solid hit to its hull, but otherwise managed to keep its shield and weapons systems intact. Hoping to destroy at least one of their pursuers, Rei Vax powered up the Theta-class Shuttle's weapons systems and fired off a concussion missile at the nearest Tartan cruiser. His aim was true and the missile found its mark on the cruiser, punching through its shields and heavy armor, inflicting moderate damage to the vessel. Not to be outdone by their attacker, the Tartan cruiser let loose a barrage of fire that jarred the crew as its hits sliced through the shields of the Theta shuttle and inflicted heavy damage to the shuttle. Hoping to avoid an all out confrontation with the Imperial craft, Lai Nootka quickly plotted the new course to the rendezvous site and jumped into hyperspace with the Theta.

The new coordinates take the two ships deep into the Outer Rim, placing them in the middle of an awaiting Rebel task force. Escorted by two flights of Z-95 starfighters, the Banshee and Theta dock with the privateer frigate Resurgence. On board the frigate, the crew and their new allies (Kadin and Sei Lest) are treated to a warm greeting from Captain Dal Fin, an Arkanian privateer under the employ of the burgeoning Alderaanian Resistance, and Alysia Maru the intelligence agent rescued by the crew during their first mission to Sel Zonn space station that was in orbit around Brentaal.

Formation of Ganymede

While on board the Resurgence, the crew agreed upon the formation of the Ganymede Corporation, with the purpose of generating profit through paramilitary interventions across the galaxy as well as research into advanced combat cybernetic enhancements based upon the research recovered from the Sullustan scientist on Carida Prime. After working out the articles of incorporation, the crew decided to fence the stolen Theta Class Imperial Shuttle on the Hutt controlled world of Nar Shadda in order to procure initial starting capital for Ganymede. Prior to leaving for the Smugglers' Moon, Szhon arranged for a meeting with Razavi Dolak and the commander of a mercenary combat squadron interested in steady work. Lai Nookta also managed to contact Cade and Moira for a rendezvous at their final destination.

Nar Shaddaa

The treacherous, crime-riddled world of Nar Shaddaa proved to be as opulent and dangerous as described in the holo-vids and novels. While on the smuggler's moon, the heroes waited for the arrival of Razavi and his mercenary contact.
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