Ivan Wren

Quick on his feet and in responding to ever changing situations, the wise cracking scout Ivan Wren currently rounds out the cast of characters comprising the crew of the Emerald Luck.

Level 4 Scout
Initiative: +11
Senses: Perception +7;
HP 42; Threshold 12
Reflex 20 ; Fortitude 16; Will 14
Second Wind: recovers 12hp
Speed: 6

Abilities: STR 14(+2); DEX 18(+4); CON 12(+1); INT 16(+3); WIS 10(+0); CHA 16(+3)

Basic Attacks: melee +5, ranged +7

  • Ivan's Custom Blaster Rifle +8 ranged (3d8+5) or +6 ranged (4d8+5) [Rapid Shot]
  • Blaster Pistol +8 ranged (3d6+3) or +6 ranged (4d6+3) [Rapid Shot]
  • Fragmentation Grenade +8 ranged (4d6+3); 1 sq burst radius
  • Combat Knife +5 melee (1d6+4) or +8 ranged (1d6+4) [Thrown]

Special Actions: Improved Stealth, Evasion

Talents: Improved Stealth, Evasion

Languages: Galactic Basic, Barabel, Besalisk, Huttese


Feats: Shake It Off* Weapon Proficiency (Simple)*, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)*, Weapon Proficiency (Rifles)*, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Skill Focus [Stealth]

  • Indicates Starting Class Feats

Racial Abilities: Bonus Feat, Bonus Trained Skill

Equipment: Ivan's Custom Blaster Rifle [Increased Damage], Blaster Pistol, Long-range Comlink, power pack (6), All-temperature Cloak, Utility Belt,fragmentation grenades (4)

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