Szhon Ilo

The only son of the wealthy surgeon and medical pioneer, Kahan Ilo and heir to the Ilo medical empire. More or less forced into the medical profession, Szohn excelled in his studies. His father built the family's prestige upon innovative combat-medic techniques and surgical advances in the field of life sciences. Kahan has intricate ties with the Dorin military, and can requisition most military grade items. Szohn has some very large shoes to fill, and feels the only way he can make a name for himself without simply adding to the "Kahan" dynasty is to build his own company and offer something no-one else has ever offered; Cybernetic Enhancements. Sure, there are cyber implants and replacements, but they emulate the original organ without any modification or improvement. Szohn seeks to explore this field of scientific study and has many ideas for organ and limb enhancements. He uses his connections to the Dorin military to access items crucial to reach his goals, and to aid his newfound companions on their quests. But, Szohn's priorities lie with getting his corporation up and running. He is content to provide medical and financial aid in exchange for passage and the opportunity to discover lost medical techniques or cybernetic technology. Already, he has met with an expert in the field of cyber-enhancements, briefly. The meeting was rudely cut-short, but Szohn came away with the information he needed. It is only a matter of time (and a small matter of money) before he hopes to have a functioning prototype.

Level 3 Noble/ 1 Soldier
Initiative: +5
Senses: Perception +8;
HP 31; Threshold 14
Reflex 19 (armored flight suit +5); Fortitude 14; Will 18
Second Wind: recovers 10hp
Speed 6

Abilities: STR 8(-2); DEX 16(+3; CON 10(+0); INT 14(+2); WIS 14(+2); CHA 17(+3)

Basic Attacks: melee +2, ranged +8

  • Blaster Pistol +6 ranged (3d6+2)
  • Ion Pistol +6 ranged (3d6+2)
  • Stun Baton +2 melee (1d6+1 stun)

Talents: Wealth, Connections, Commanding Officer (1) [IG-100 MagnaGuard]

Languages: Galactic Basic, Jawa Trade Language, High Galactic, Bocce, Huttese, Binary, Shyriiwook (understand only)

Skills: Deception +10, Knowledge (Bureaucracy)+9, Knowledge (Life Sciences) +9, Mechanics +9, Perception +9, Persuasion +10, Treat Injury +9, Use Computer +9

Feats: Linguist*, Weapon Proficiency (Simple)*, Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)*, Armor Proficiency (Light)*, Surgical Expertise, Cybernetic Surgery, Natural Leader (Ganymede Corp.)

  • Indicates Starting Class Feats

Racial Abilities: Keen Force Sense, Low-light Vision [ignore concealment, but not total concealment from darkness]

Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Ion Pistol, Stun Baton, Medpac (7), All-temperature Cloak, Power Pack (1), Utility Belt, Surgery Kit, ASP Labor Droid, R2 Astromech, IG-100 MagnaGuard Follower, Briefcase with Cybernetic Arm

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