Dark Side Talents

Drain Knowledge

As a standard action, you can spend a Force Point to drain the knowledge of the enemy you touch; you must succeed on a Use the Force check (DC equal to the target's Will Defense) to activate this talent, and if you fail to activate this talent, you cannot try again on the same target for 24 hours. If successful, you immediately become trained in one skill that the target is trained in; if you already are trained in the skill, you gain Skill Focus in that skill. This training or focus lasts for 24 hours.

Additionally, your target moves -1 persistent step on the condition track, and can be removed only by resting for 8 hours. You can choose to sift through your target's mind, looking for specific pieces of information or knowledge. Doing so requires you to make a Perception check against the target's Will Defense; success indicates that you pull the relevant information from the mind of your target. When doing so, you do not gain the training or focus normally granted by this talent, but otherwise the talent functions as normal.

Using this talent increases your Dark Side Score by 1.

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