The Banshee

Sleek, fast, and outfitted with an impressive complement of passive/active stealth technologies, military grade laser cannons and shield emitters, the Banshee is the prized covert transport of renowned Senator Bail Organa. The Banshee is able to engage and defeat most space superiority fighters with minimal damage due to its enhanced armor and energy shields. Little technical data is available regarding this transport except that it is a BaudoClass Star Yacht modified to operate undetected except by the most determined adversaries.


Crimson Tide

Inherited after the murder of his father, the Crimson Tide is the main work horse in Lai Nootka's small family business of galactic freight and shipping business. Armed with sturdy shields and a somewhat impressive defensive armament of quad laser cannons, the freighter has weathered several near mishaps in its ownership under the Nootka family business.

Severely damaged after a near catastrophic collision with a rogue asteroid, the Crimson Tide eventually limped into Caridan space to undergo extensive refitting and repairs, while nearly breaking the bank for the exasperated Lai Nootka. Now under the command of First Officer Marik Haas and the tender care of Chief Engineer Moira Peregrym, Crimson Tide is headed towards Corporate Sector Space to deliver some much needed supplies to an obscure planet in the out rim of Corporate space.

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