Worlds Visited by the Crew

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa was the largest moon of Nal Hutta. More commonly known as the Vertical City, the Smuggler's Moon and Little Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa was similar to Coruscant in that its surface was entirely overgrown with city sprawl for millennia. But unlike Coruscant—which was only relatively rundown and dangerous on the lower and under levels of the world city—Nar Shaddaa was filthy, polluted, and infested with crime everywhere.


Bonadan is the chief port world of the Corporate Sector and the primary world in the Bonadan system, boasting 10 gigantic spaceports. It was a strip-mined planet at the end of the Hydian Way. The densely populated planet housed many exotic species from around the galaxy. Bonadanians found off-world were either from wealthy corporate families or those that have escaped the life of corporate servitude.

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